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Giant Stance 2 Review: Do I Recommend?

The Giant Stance 2 is a well-designed mountain bike that performs exceptionally in a multitude of terrains and conditions thanks to its intuitive build and full suspension system. When looking at Stance 2, several unique elements combine to create the fluid action and movement delivered in this mountain bike. I noticed when taking this bike out for a spin that it feels very stable and grounded even when going over gnarly features. 

Giant Stance

The Stance 2 is considered an entry-level full-suspension mountain bike. It has a modernized design that makes it a very versatile option for anyone trying to take on steep bombs and rough terrain with ease. One of the best features of Stance 2 is that it is affordable, so virtually anyone can get their hands on one without having to spend a fortune. 

Another element of the Stance 2 that I really enjoyed was its fascinating geometry that delivers longer reach. The bike comes with many high-quality components that make it a solid choice compared to other bikes in its class. Tons of other amazing features come with the Stance 2, continue reading to find out more. 

Who is the Giant Stance 2 for? 

Giant Stance 2 was created for those people who are looking for an affordable trail bike option that comes equipped with advanced riding capabilities. Stance 2 utilizes a modern design that can help those new to trail riding gain confidence in tackling rough and changing terrains with ease. 

Another feature you’ll enjoy is that the bike is packing some very durable parts, which means you’ll be able to take on virtually any obstacles on your path without your bike breaking down or its performance being affected. Aesthetically, the Stance 2 features internal cable routing, which adds a beautiful polished look to the product overall. 

Take a look at the next section to see all of the pros and cons that come with the Giant Stance 2. 

Pros & Cons: Giant Stance 2 

The Stance 2 is packing a lot of intuitive features that will aid any beginner or intermediate rider in their riding performance and capabilities. Before buying any trail bike, you need to take a close look at what you value most as it relates to reliability, versatility, design, and accessibility. While the Stance 2 has a lot of pros, like any other product, it also comes with its own set of cons. 

Below, we’re going to provide a comprehensive look at all of the pros and cons that the Stance 2 comes with to help you make an educated purchase decision. 


  • Wide tires provide a solid grip on virtually any terrains
  • Dropper post allows you to make on the fly adjustments to your riding style
  • Modernized geometry that is sleek and long to provide a polished look to the bike overall
  • integrated Shimano Disc Brakes provide fast braking action
  • Single Pivot Suspension that delivers simple yet effective adaptability and smooth riding performance
  • Compatible with plus-sized riders
  • Built with a highly durable lightweight aluminum frame made from ALUXX material
  • Accurate responsiveness when riding steep downhill runs


  • May experience some slight issues with the drivetrain
  • Doesn’t come with an aggressive tire set-up
  • No dropper post

By looking at the pros and cons that we’ve listed above, you will be able to make an educated decision about whether this bike is right for you or not. 

Core Features: Giant Stance 2 

The Giant Stance 2 integrates a lot of unique elements that combine to deliver a robust and surprisingly stable ride through and through. One of the primary features of this bike that stood out to me was the premium quality ALUXX aluminum frame that is lightweight yet very durable.

The Stance 2 also comes equipped with SRAM SX Eagle DUB cranks that deliver unrestricted travel and sustained ride control regardless of the terrain you’re traveling on. All of these features are just scratching the surface; there are plenty more features integrated into the very solid design of Stance 2, which makes it stand out against competing entry-level mtbikes on the market. 

Here is a full breakdown of the features you can expect to gain access to when purchasing the Stance 2. 

Giant Stance 2 Core Specifications 


The Giant Stance 2 utilizes a highly durable yet lightweight aluminum frame made from ALUXX aluminum that can withstand a variety of obstacles. The framework also provides a stable platform for achieving your desired level of agility and momentum with ease. ALUXX aluminum is performance-level material that uses 6061 alloy material with a single-butted tube that delivers strong reliability in a lightweight frame. 

Braking System

The Giant Stance 2 is equipped with hydraulic Shimano BR-MT200disc brakes with 180/160mm rotors. These brakes are more than capable of allowing you to take on very rough terrains, steep drops, and more while having the security of a very responsive braking system that delivers solid stopping power. 

Integrated Technology Systems

The Stance 2 comes packing many advanced technology systems that are interwoven into the very fabric of the bike’s design from top to bottom. With ALUXX aluminum composing most of the frame on this bike and the Shimano brakes and Suntour Raidon R shock system, you can be sure that you’re purchasing a more than a capable bike that can handle anything you throw at it. 

Giant Stance


The Stance 2 comes outfitted with Maxxis Rekon 27.5×2.6 wide tires in the front while having Maxxis Ardent Race 27.5×2.6 wide tires on the back. The combination of these tires provides a solid layer of protection that will allow you to take on rough terrains and gnarly conditions without worrying about accidental breakage slips or other commonly related issues. The amount of traction added to the bike by way of these tires delivers a smooth ride regardless of where you are riding.  


The Giant Stance 2 has an integrated FlexPoint rear suspension system that provides sustentative support throughout virtually all different types of terrains and climates. The suspension system comes with 120mm of travel, which will allow you to take on virtually anything that the trail may throw your way. 

These features combine to create a more than capable trail bike that you can take with you on any adventure you may be on. With durability, versatility, and functionality at the forefront of the bike’s design, you can be confident that it will be able to meet any of the real-world trail-riding standards you need. 

Alternative Recommendations 

#1 26-Inch Folding Mountain Bike

26-Inch Folding Mountain Bike

The 26-Inch Folding Mountain Bike is equipped with a very durable frame made from premium grade metal material that utilizes advanced welding technology. One of the interesting things I noticed about this bike is that it comes with 26in 6-spoke rim tires that deliver firmness and security on virtually any trail that you may be traversing. This bike can be folded in half to achieve maximum portability and versatility, making it a great choice for anyone who needs easy-packing capabilities for their adventures. The all-terrain wide-knobbed tires on this bike provide stable traction and elevated performance. Pros: high-quality frame, high-traction tires, foldable design. Cons: lack of customization options. 

26-Inch Folding Mountain Bike | Walmart

The 26-Inch Folding Mountain Bike is equipped with a very durable frame made from premium grade metal material that utilizes advanced welding technology.

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#2 Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike features all-terrain knobby tires capable of gaining maximum traction on various terrains and trails. This trail bike design makes it easy for you to ride through dirt, mud, city roads, and snow.


This bike’s frame is made from lightweight alloy material that adds performance enhancements and speed to the bike’s core operation. You’ll also enjoy that this bike comes outfitted with beach cruiser pedals that integrate a level of superior safety that you won’t find in many other fat tire bikes on the market. Pros: all-terrain tires, alloy material frame, and beach cruiser pedals. Cons: lack of versatile riding functionality, which can limit your capabilities while on the trail.

Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike | Amazon

Conquer any off-road trail with ease with this steel-framed mountain bike with supersized all-terrain knobby tires. The threadless headset is adjustable for riders of different heights; For added speed and performance, the strong, lightweight alloy rims keep the weight down.

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#3 Outroad Mountain Bike 26 inch

Outroad Mountain Bike 26 inch

The Outroad Mountain Bike 26 inch is outfitted with a high-carbon steel double suspension system that utilizes a 21-speed gear that provides fluid motion and actioning under a wide array of conditions. This bike is also outfitted with a 26in. 6-spoke rim style that provides firm ride stability and sustained power. Another great feature of this bike is that it comes with Shimano 3*7 shifters and rear/front derailleurs that make shifting gears feel butter smooth. Pros: easy gear changes, enjoyable ride, durable frame. Cons: not designed for all terrains. Outroad Mountain Bike 26 inch

Outroad Mountain Bike | Amazon

Outroad Mountain Bike 26-inch Wheel 21 Speed 3 Spoke Double Disc Brake Bicycle Suspension Fork Rear Anti-Slip Bike for Adult or Teens. More light and easy to drive. You can shuttle on the road or in the mountains quickly.

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#4 SSYUNO 26 Inch Mountain Trail Bike

SSYUNO 26 Inch Mountain Trail Bike

The SSYUNO 26 Inch Mountain Trail Bike comes equipped with a 21-speed gear in addition to a high-carbon steel double suspension, which delivers efficient actioning and mobility. You’ll also find that this bike is outfitted with 26-inch 6-spoke rims, which look good and provide real-world performance benefits.

This bike is also equipped with rear and front disc brakes with a quick-release function, which makes adapting your ride style super accessible regardless of the environment or terrain. This bike is also outfitted with a comfortable seat set-up that makes taking long rides super easy. Pros: comfortable seat, 26-inch rims, advanced braking system. Cons: lack of versatility.


Q: Is the Giant Stance a good bike?

A: Yes, the Giant Stance 2 is a great entry-level full suspension bike for anyone that wants versatility and powerful traction. The bike rides smooth and is packed with tons of advanced features that you would find on competing bikes of a higher class. 

Q: Does the Giant Stance 2 have a dropper post?

A: Yes, the Giant Stance 2 comes with a dropper post. 

Q: What is better, Giant or Trek?

A: Both brands are great options, but Trek is the #1 powerhouse in the mountain bike universe. With that being said, I personally feel that if you want more adaptability and versatility, you may want to go with a Giant bike instead of a Trek bike.  

Our Honest Opinion 

After taking a long hard look at the Giant Trance 2, I would have to say that I highly recommend this bike for anyone interested in an affordable yet completely capable trail bike that can take on various terrains and environments without breaking a sweat. When you factor in the high-quality components that this bike is made from and its intuitive design, it’s definitely worth a buy. 


Now that you know all of the critical information and details you need to know about the Giant Stance 2, use this article as a buying guide to assist in making your final purchase decision. As long as you consider all of the most important features and needs that you desire in a trail bike, you’ll be able to find the right one for you in no time. 

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