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fox vs rockshox

Fox vs Rockshox Fork: Full Brand Comparison

You may be wondering the difference between Fox and RockShox forks. The answer is not straight forward even for mountain bike enthusiasts.

The majority of mountain bikes sold today come equipped with one of the shocks or forks from these two brands. Some riders are loyal to one brand due to their experience. Others have specific aesthetic, performance, or feel preferences. For picky riders, the fork brand is a major factor in their buying decision.

So how do you understand the difference between the two? To make things simple we have focused on the most common forks produced by Fox and RockShox. Let’s start with a little history of each brand.

Main Differences Between Fox vs Rockshox Fork

The main differences between Fox vs Rockshox Fork are:

  • Fox offers forks that are a bit pricier, whereas RockShox forks are affordable.
  • Fox forks are a challenge to set up especially for newbies, whereas setting up RockShox are easy to do.
  • Fox for

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Sram vs Shimano Groupsets Compared: Which Is The Best?

If you have ever bought a mountain bike in the past few years it’ll likely have either SRAM or Shimano groupsets installed or a combination of different parts from both.

The two manufacturers are industry leaders but who produces the better parts? This is what my SRAM vs Shimano groupsets comparison article is going to find out.

We’ll look at the differences between the two manufacturers, how their parts stack up against each other, and ultimately we’ll find out who is better.

Both of these companies have been around for a while – although Shimano is by far the older manufacturer – so they aren’t new to the mountain bike groupset market.

Main Differences Between SRAM vs Shimano

The main differences between SRAM vs Shimano are:

  • SRAM has a stronger hold over the high end of the groupset market, whereas Shimano’s groupsets are often bought by entry to mid level users

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Shimano Altus vs Acera Groupset: Which is Right For You?

Mountain biking has come a long way.

As mountain biking increases in popularity, and as models introduce new features for great riding control, from everything from trail riding to XC bikes and adventurous downhill bikes, it’s clear innovation is always driving both the industry and bikers further.

And now, with rumors of a wireless groupset in the works, mountain bikes may never quite be the same–and may very well be on the edge of one of the biggest evolutions yet.

Shimano is leading the way, and it’s safe to assume that competitors like Acera may follow suit in years to come. An article published by Cycling Weekly revealed that Shimano filed an application for the Federal Communications Commission for some exciting up

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Shimano 105 vs Ultegra: Is It Worth The Upgrade?

Shimano Ultegra and 105 are the most popular groupsets among road cyclists all over the world. They both mix quality and value in a package that is respected by amateur and professional cyclists. The question is which groupset is the best?

Unfortunately, every cyclist has their opinion on the best groupset. If you are looking to purchase one and are having problems making a decision, you have come to the right place.

We have done thorough research to give you detailed information on both. Read on to get this information and make an informed buying decision.

Main Differences Between Shimano 105 vs Ultegra

The main differences between Shimano 105 vs Ultegra are:

  • Shimano 105 dual control levers weigh 500g, whereas Ultegra weighs 438
  • Shimano 105 brakes cost around 50$, whereas Ultegra cost approximately $130
  • Shimano 105 is designed for beginner and intermediate cyclists, whereas Ultegra is designed for professional cyclists.

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RockShox Yari Fork Review: Is It Worth It?

RockShox Yari Fork Review

Any and every vehicle needs a good suspension system to maintain a smooth ride. Mountain bikes are no different. They require some sort of front and rear suspension in order to deliver great functionality and a smooth ride. When it comes to mountain bikes, Forks act as a front suspension system while a rear suspension is usually only found on full-suspension bikes. 

The RockShox Yari fork is one of the stand-out options used by many riders both professionally and casually. The Yari is outfitted with several innovative design features and components that work in tandem to deliver a smooth and balanced ride. When I took the Yari out for a spin, I was shocked at the amount of responsive damping it provided while maintaining a steady flow on the trail. 

Given the importance of forks on mountain bikes, it’s important to know all o

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Rockshox Yari vs Pike

Rockshox Yari vs Pike: Which is the Better Fork?

When it comes to forks, there is always a debate about which fork is better than the other. In this article, we are going to take a look at the differences between RockShox Yari and Pike.

Some people believe they are the same because they didn’t notice a difference when they used both. However, some differences may affect your riding. Our research came up with detailed information on each as shown below. 

Main Differences Between Rockshox Yari vs Pike

The main differences between Rockshox Yari vs Pike are:

Maxxis Aggressor review

Maxxis Aggressor Review: Is It Worth Buying in 2021?

One exciting thing about mountain biking and the mountain biking community? There’s always innovation, and that’s true for the predicted mountain bike trends of 2021.

The top 5 mountain biking trends for 2021 range from all varieties of mountain biking. XC bikes are speculated to get a push, as they are upgraded with features meant to enhance trail riding, as well as signature fork geometry to push up higher inclines. Meanwhile, electric bikes are expected to make a splash in the mountain biking world, with brands like Santa Cruz leading the way with innovative bikes and stunning updates.

But one of the most interesting, and perhaps mainstream trends, has all to do with endu

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Maxxis Ardent Review: Are These Tires Worth Buying?

Our Maxxis Ardent EXO TR review is going to give you all the information you need about this mountain bike tire.

Maxxis is one of the most well-known brands of tires for mountain bikes, motorcycles, cars, and much more.

In our review of the Ardent EXO TR tire, we’ll go over the core features of this model, how it performs as well as its pros and cons. We’ll also look into any alternative mountain bike tires that are on the market.

First, let’s dive into the key specifications of the Maxxis Ardent EXO TR.

Key specifications of Maxxis Ardent EXO TR

Find the main specifications for the Maxxis Ardent EXO TR below.

Tire type Cross Country, Trail
Tire size 26”, 27.5” and 29”
Tire weigh

Maxxis Ardent Review: Are These Tires Worth Buying? Read More »

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