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CO OP DRT 1.1 Review

CO OP DRT 1.1 Review: Is This Bike Worth Buying in 2021

If you are looking for an upright and easy-going trail bike to ride on dirt roads and singletracks, then the CO-OP DRT 1.1 is a good choice. Not only is it affordable, but it also fits most people’s riding requirements. Check out everything you need to know about it below.

Quick Summary

Currently, it is easy to take baby steps in mountain biking. One of the bikes that allow this is the CO Op DRT 1.1. It is a unisex hardtail mountain bike built with front suspension on an aluminum frame platform. This combination provides a smooth ride on tame and moderate terrain.

To cater to women, the bike has a 1.1 W version with narrow handlebars, a women-specific saddle, a shorter stem, and a shorter top tube. If you are searching for an easy-to-look-after and affordable bike with wide tires and front suspension, this is the one for you.

Santa Cruz 5010 vs Tallboy

Santa Cruz 5010 vs Tallboy: Which is The Better MTB?

Mountain biking is an enjoyable activity and hobby whether it is taken seriously as a sport or for fun. Choosing between the Santa Cruz 5010 vs Tallboy can be a challenge if you do not know the differences. With the below information, you can easily determine the best bike to suit your preferences. 

Main Differences

  • The 5010 has 210mm eye to eye length, whereas the Tallboy has 190mm
  • The 5010 uses 27.5-inch wheels, whereas the Tallboy uses 29-inch wheels
  • The 5010 has rear travel of 130mm, whereas the Tallboy has rear travel of 120mm
  • The 5010 has one water bottle mount, whereas the Tallboy has two

Santa Cruz 5010 Review

Trek Marlin 7 Review: Is This Bike Worth It?

In the world of high-performance entry-level mountain bikes, the Trek Marlin 7 is ahead of its time. This mountain crusher is an affordable and featured-packed bike with an awesome design that draws inspiration from race-inspired geometry to give the bike a superior advantage over similar options in its class and price range.

That being said, for an entry-level bike, the Trek Marlin 7 is a reasonably expensive bike at right around $800; however. However, when you buy this bike you will get access to tons of advanced features for the price.  The core value of this bike lies within its seamless integration of budget-friendly components with race-ready design elements that deliver real-world, and track-ready performance. 

You’ll find components of mid-range

Trek Marlin 6 vs 7

Trek Marlin 6 vs 7: Which MTB is Better?

Now you have decided to get a mountain bike. Getting into trail racing or riding can be a bit overwhelming. The reason may be that the bikes available at the moment designed to handle high speeds and rough trails are pricey. The Trek Marlin brand is one of the brands you should consider. 

Why? You need to consider factors such as ease of riding, responsiveness, lightweight, budget, and speed. Let’s take a look at the difference between Trek Marlin 7 vs. Trek Marlin 6. We’ll start with the features of Trek Marlin 7. 

Main Differences

  • The Marlin 7 has an upgraded fork, whereas the Marlin 6 uses a standard fork
  • The Marlin 7 has an upgraded rear derailleur, whereas the Marlin 6 uses a standard rear derailleur

Santa Cruz Nomad vs Bronson: Which is Best?

Santa Cruz Nomad vs Bronson

In my experience, no matter how experienced you are as a mountain biker. The type of bike you choose plays an integral role in the pure joy and excitement you experience while riding.

The Santa Cruz Nomad and Bronson are two premium mountain bikes made by the same company. They each offer distinctive advantages in their class when it comes to overall ride integrity and performance.

For one, both bikes are available in Carbon C, Carbon CC, and Aluminum which are Santa Cruz’s various bike frame options. When getting into the reasons why someone would choose the Nomad over the Bronson or vice versa, it all boils down to personal preference.

Personally, I found the Bronson to be a more optimized fit for my existing ride style. Mainly because it provides more robust support and responsiveness when traversing rough terrain and hard drops than the Nomad.

 I also found the Bronson to be more comfortable

CO OP DRT 2.2 Review

CO OP DRT 2.2 Review: Is This MTB Worth Buying?

All mountain bike enthusiasts want, in a sense, to see passion reflected in what they purchase, from the best biking gear to must-have components.

But something that immediately caught my attention was the unique way that passion is reflected in trail bikes like CO OP DRT 2.2.

The CO OP DRT 2.2 comes from a respected outdoors equipment company, REI. Known for its mountain biking products but also camping and hiking gear, chances are you’ve at least come across the name if you’re in search of a new bike, or even just the best mountain biking shoes to help you take on more trails.

What you may have missed is the full name: REI CO OP. REI is, in fact, a Co-op, with over 70 percent of its products given back to the community. Combining quality engineering, passion, and quality construction, the company stands out.

For models like the DRT 2.0 and the newer DRT models, t

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