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The Trek Marlin 4 Review That You’ll Love

Mountain biking or even simple daily commutes can be a thought, especially if you don’t have the right bike for this type of terrain. The Trek Marlin 4 is a premium quality bike that was designed to deliver superior performance and responsiveness for the efficient daily rider in varied terrain locations and environments. The design of this amazing bike is very efficient thanks to the lightweight aluminum that the frame is crafted from.

This rugged commuter and real mountain bike provide excellent handling capabilities under virtually all conditions so you can be confident that it will withstand any brutal trails thrown it’s way making it a great experience. A unique design feature about this particular model is that it has what is known as progressive geometry, which gives you added control over your bike.

In addition, the mountain bike comes with an extensive set of different features and design implementations that bring its true power and versatility to the forefront. From the frame to the wheels, everything about this bike screams optimized performance. If you’ve been wanting to try a premium quality trail bike but haven’t had the money to do so, this is a great opportunity for you to get an exceptional bike for an incredible price.

The versatile design of this amazing bike contributes to its overall build quality and real-world performance capabilities, which you’ll experience when you dig into the pedals. You’ll also find entry-level premium quality Shimano parts on this bike that consistently deliver precise handling, feel, and adaptability for daily commutes and the hardest trails. Another powerful feature on the Marlin 4 is it’s 21-speed Shimano branded drivetrain that provides extreme power assistance with every pedal.

If you’re interested in the Trek Marlin 4 but need to know more information before making your purchase decision, you’ve come to the right place. To begin, let’s take a look at exactly who the Marling 4 was designed for and how you can benefit from this particular trail bike, even if you are just a commuter who loves using biking to get to the supermarket, go to a perfect gateway or if you are one of those campus commuters who like to ride to campus instead of other transport.

Who is the Trek Marlin 4 for? 

Fully-capable yet simple to use bike. It comes as a 21-speed, meeting the needs of every environment you come in contact with. This trail bike uses some of the same technology found in higher end mountain bikes made by the same company, all of this combined with an Alpha Aluminum frame that is lightweight and very durable.

Even though it’s for new trail riders, you can find advanced features such as knobby tires, disc brakes, and more, which create a very reliable trail bike that you can depend on. For those that want an affordable quality bike, that will allow them to tackle simple trails as well as rough terrain, this is a great experience and choice.

Now, we’re going to take a close look into all of the various pros and cons one can expect to encounter when using the Trek Marlin 4 for their biking adventures.

Pros & Cons

This is an all-around high-performance trail introductory mountain bike packing many advanced features and capabilities you will enjoy regardless of your riding style or experience.

Prior to purchasing yours, you need to know about all of the various pros and cons so that you can make an educated purchase decision about whether or not this is the right choice for you. Below, we’re going to provide you with a detailed look into the various pros and cons of the Trek Marlin 4, so you will have a solid idea of what to expect when you buy it. 


  • SR Suntour XCE 28 100mm fork that delivers stable ride performance and handling throughout various terrains
  • Frame made from lightweight Alpha Silver Aluminum which is very durable
  • 21-gear shifter gives you the ability to easily adjust the power of your ride on the fly
  • Double-wall Bontrager Connection rims
  • Tektro mechanical disc brake w/ 160/160mm rotor
  • 27.5”/29” x 2.20” in. tires
  • Shimano Tourney TY300 7-speed 3-speed Front and Read Derailleur
  • Trek’s lifetime warranty applies to all the frames including their first frames made in 1976


  • Limited customization options in terms of configuring the fit and comfort level of the bike
  • The fork does not have a lockout feature

All of these are these pros and cons that can either hinder or aid your riding ability depending on the specific terrain and environment you’re in. It’s important to consider these different pros and cons so that you will be able to make an educated decision about whether this is the right bike for you. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the core features you can expect to encounter when using the Trek Marlin 4. 



The Trek Marlin 4 is packed with a lot of different features that come together to deliver easy riding that works well for virtually any beginner or experienced riding enthusiast. By becoming educated about all of the features, you’ll gain access to when using it as your designated bike. Below, we’re going to give you a detailed breakdown of all the core features that the Marlin 4 has, so continue reading. 

Marlin 4


The Marlin 4 model is made from an alpha aluminum frame that is very durable and lightweight. This adds an enhanced level of control over the bike so that you can take on different terrains at your own pace. The frame also uses a unique design integration known as progressive geometry, which embeds natural adaptability and versatility to the bike overall. The frame also has an integrated SR Suntour fork, which reinforces ride stability and precision.  

The fork has 100mm of travel, which is more than suitable for the riding style this bike was designed for. One of the negative features of this bike is that it does not come with a lockout feature, so you can’t lock it while riding on paver road. In addition, this mountain bike comes in seven different frame sizes: XS, S, M, M/L, L, XL, and 2XL. 

Shimano Integration 

One of the best features of the Trek Marlin 4 is that it has Shimano branded parts that come as a standard option. These components are entry-level Shimano Tourney components that deliver 21 gears on a 3 x 7 configured drivetrain. The cassette on this bike also has a 14 x 28 tooth range which is not optimal for very steep hills, but it can still work. 


The Trek Marlin 4 comes with Tektro mechanical disc brakes that deliver accurate stopping power on the drop of a dime. These brakes enhance the overall capabilities and ride performance of the bike; overall, they come outfitted with 160mm rotors on both wheels, and they are trail-ready right out of the box. If you come across some very big drops or have to quickly hit the brakes, these will do the job effortlessly. 

Tires & Wheels 

The Marlin 4 comes outfitted with Bontrager tires and wheels that are very durable and long-lasting. These tires will allow you to tackle tough terrains and environments with little effort. The Marlin 4 comes in seven distinct sizes, and the smaller ones are outfitted with 27.5″ in wheels while the other models utilize 29″ in wheels. 



The Trek Marlin 4 has a very optimized and modernized look that appeals to both new riders and experienced ones. Considering its price, this bike has a stunning look that will leave you absolutely mesmerized when riding it. 

All of these different features combine to create a very powerful trail bike that is affordable yet very capable. Consider what key features and design elements you’re looking for in an introductory mountain bike so that you will be able to make a decision about whether or not this is the right option for you. Everyone has a different riding style and depending on yours, all of these various features can aid you in achieving the type of ride you want on virtually any terrain. 

If for some reason, the features we mentioned above don’t seem to apply to your specific situation, the good news is that we have a lot of alternative recommendations for you to choose from. Continue reading to find our list of some of the top alternative recommendations to the Trek Marlin 4 if it just doesn’t seem to be what you need. 

Alternative Recommendations 

#1 Raleigh Bicycles Tokul


The Raleigh Bicycles Tokul builds on top of the Tokul 3 frame design, which is a hardtail that is attached to a rugged aluminum frame that is longer and much more relaxed than previous bike models. The tires on this bike are Maxxis Minion DHF/DHR 27.5×2.8 variants placed on top of a 50mm wide rim that delivers more precise handling on all terrains.

You’ll also find that the drivetrain on this bike is an SRAM NX 1×11, and it has front/rear thru-axels and a RockShox Judy Silver Solo Air fork supports the ride mechanics of the bike very nicely. The fork has about 130mm of travel, and it is backed by Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes that provide smooth modulation when the bike is entering corners. 

All of these various features combine to create a powerful and capable bike that can take on many terrains and features.

Raleigh Bikes Tokul 24 Kids Mountain Bike | Amazon

The Raleigh Bicycles Tokul has various features combine to create a powerful and capable bike that can take on many terrains and features. 

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#2 Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike

Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike

The Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike comes with an aluminum mountain frame in addition to a very powerful Schwinn suspension fork that is capable of taking on a lot of direct impact without transferring the shock to the rider.

The overall setup and mechanics of this bike provide a durable riding experience that is backed by a 24-speed Shimano EZ fire trigger shifter that sits atop front/rear derailleurs making gear changes seamless.

This bike also comes equipped with front/rear mechanical disc brakes that deliver precise and clean stopping power under a wide range of different variables. You’ll also find Schwinn alloy cranks on this bike that add solid gearing action and reduces the overall maintenance required for the bike. 

High-profile double-wall alloy rims are also included on this bike, and they add tons of durability to the overall ride experience even when taking on bumpy terrains. The bike comes from the factory ready to be assembled, and it includes a standard 5-year warranty that protects the wheels and other parts in the event of a crash or damage.

Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike | Amazon

With an aluminum mountain frame in addition to a VERY powerful Schwinn suspension fork, the Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike provides a durable riding experience without transferring the shock to the rider.

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05/18/2024 12:12 am GMT

#3 Redline Bikes Monocog 29-Speed Mountain Bike

Redline Bikes Monocog 29-Speed Mountain Bike


The Redline Bikes Monocog 29-Speed Mountain Bike has a full-chrome steel frame and fork combination that lasts an extremely long time. Tektro mechanical disc brakes are on this bike to deliver immense stopping power under nearly any possible conditions.

The wheels on this bike ae 29in. Alloy aluminum that allows you to tackle rough terrains without having to stop or worry about your bike being damaged during the process. Pedals are included in the package with this bike, and it has a vee rail 29×2.25in. The tire that has awesome gripping capabilities in gravel and paved roads. 

This is a great choice if you’re looking for a reliable trail bike that comes packed with tons of great features and versatile specifications. 

Redline Bikes Monocog 29 Single Speed Mountain Bike | Amazon

The Redline Bikes Monocog 29-Speed Mountain Bike is a GREAT choice if you're looking for a reliable trail bike that comes packed with tons of great features and versatile specifications. 

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FAQs About Trek Marlin 4

Is the Trek Marlin 4 a good bike beginner bike?

The Trek Marlin 4 is the optimal beginner bike for those who want to get into the sport or hobby of all-terrain and trail riding. Every component on this bike is premium quality from the suspension system to the brakes and even the gear shifter, and the frame makes it great both on and off-road.

Is Trek better than a giant?

Yes, in the world of trail riding Trek is known as one of the leading bike manufacturing companies. On Trek’s official website, their slogan is “The world’s best bikes” which should tell you something.

Are Trek bikes worth the money?

Yes, when you consider the features and design specifications that come with all of the Trek bikes, they are well worth the money and are good investments.

Our Honest Opinion 

After looking at all of the core features and design specifications of the Trek Marlin 4, it’s time to give you our honest opinion. If you’re looking for an affordable trail bike that is powerful yet not too complicated to set up, the Marlin 4 is the perfect fit for you.

With entry-level Shimano parts and components that come as a standard feature on this bike, you can expect to get a lot of enhanced performance benefits even on simple rides.

It’s pretty affordable price doesn’t mean much in relation to the quality of this bike as it looks and feels like a premium selection. Its 21-speed gear shifter gives you the ability to easily transition to the optimal gear so that you can easily adapt to your environment.

In terms of its customization, the bike comes in seven different sizes; however, the larger bikes do not provide any specific benefits when compared to the smaller sizes. All in all, this is a great bike that is well worth the money you’ll spend on it, considering it’s primarily meant for beginners. 

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