Is Trek 820 Mountain Bike Worth It?

Mountain biking is arguably the most adventurous and fun activity to enjoy in the great outdoors regardless of you’re experience with the MTB life. However, there is a learning curve to mountain biking for any rider when it comes to the functionality and feature set of each bike. For example, bikes made for experienced riders will typically come with several features that only experienced riders will be familiar with. So it is important to start with the basics. If you’re new to mountain biking and are looking for a reliable, powerful, and feature-packed bike to help you get started on your journey, the Trek 820 is a great choice.

The Trek 820 bicycle comes outfitted with many premium features, making it a capable and powerful option for anyone looking for a reliable entry-level bike to ride on light trails, downhill, and cross-country rides. For starters, the 820 bicycle is made from a custom stainless frame that is very durable and stable, so you will be able to take on hard rides without worrying about the integrity of this great bike.

You’ll also enjoy other premium features such as the front and rear Shimano Tourney TY500 & TY300 derailleurs that deliver smooth power throughout your ride. The Trek 820 is only about $399 retail; however, for that price, it is packing some serious features that are very impressive and makes this a great bike. If you’re interested in getting into mountain biking and want to know more about the Trek 820 to see if it’s right for you on the road, this is the right review.

Below, I’m going to cover all of the important information, details, facts, and specifications that you need to know about the Trek 820 and give you my honest opinion about whether or not this nice XC Bike can give you a comfortable ride or if it’s worth the money.

Who is the Trek 820 for? 

At its core, the Trek 820 was designed for those entry-level riders who want an affordable bike that is packed with high-quality features and is responsive and functional. The 820 comes equipped with is perfect for taking on MTB trails as it delivers good overall ride quality consistently. The frame on this bike is very solid, and it will allow you to become acclimated with how a more advanced mountain bike feels once you graduate from using it as your primary bike. 


The 820 is a very easy bike to use if you’re interested in fine-tuning your riding skills, and It’s also very forgiving if you happen to make small mistakes while riding. All around, the Trek 820 is the perfect bike for anyone interested in learning how to mountain bike and wants to start out with a reliable bike that gives them the ability to explore their potential. 

Pros & Cons: Trek 820 

The 820 is packed with immense capabilities and advanced features that can be used to improve the riding style of virtually any mountain biking enthusiast. However, that isn’t to say that the bike doesn’t come with it’s set of pros and cons as it does, depending on your preference and any exact features you’re looking for. Take a look below to see all of the main pros and cons you can expect when using the 820 as your dedicated cycle. 


  • The lightweight overall design makes this bike very versatile and usable when riding on moderate trails and uphill climbs
  • The front suspension system is very sturdy and solid 
  • Stock tires deliver great traction and grip
  • Ability to upgrade the stock components without paying too much money 
  • Comfortable seat post makes it easy for you to ride for long periods without becoming uncomfortable 
  • Faultless positioning system ensures that you maintain optimal posture throughout your ride 
  • Delivers a professional level ride experience at an affordable cost 
  • Can be used for off-roading purposes


  • With the stock suspension, really hard impacts are pretty jarring when tackling larger features.
  • It requires some modification in order to make it capable of handling downhill rides or really rough terrain.  

Core Features: Trek 820 

Trek 820 Core Feature Breakdown


The 820 is made from a very durable Trek Custom Steel frame that provides a solid frame for intense rides for a long time. The frame has a rugged design that gives the bike functionality and tangible performance. The frame on this bike is coupled with an SR Suntour M-3030 preloaded fork that uses a coil spring to deliver responsiveness on virtually any trail. While the fork has 75mm of travel, enabling you to take on moderately challenging rides with ease.


The Trek 820 is outfitted with Shimano Tourney EF40 7-speed shifters that enable you to make on-the-fly adjustments to your speed. The shifters are backed by a front Shimano Tourney TY500 derailleur and a Shimano Tourney TY300 rear derailleur. This provides enhanced performance capabilities so that you can take on most rides with confidence. This bike is also Bontrager Riser 25.4m/30mm rise handlebars that are comfortable, giving you the ability to maneuver the bike with ease and precision. 


The Trek 820 comes with Tektro alloy linear-pull brakes as the standard braking configuration, and they deliver fast stopping power with precision. This, combined with the Bontrager LT3 26×2.00″ tires that come on the 820, makes it a very impressive beginner bike in terms of raw braking power and all-around performance. 


You’ll find a Bontrager SSR 2-bolt head 29.2, 12mm offset seat post on the Trek 820 that is well-designed and very comfortable, making it easy for you to ride at long intervals without becoming uncomfortable too easily. It’s also packing a Bontrager SSR saddle that provides even more support for the way you sit and ride the bike. 

Alternative Recommendations 

#1 Outroad Mountain Bike 27.5 inch

The Outroad Mountain Bike 27.5 inch is an impressive bike at a beginner bike price. The Outroad comes equipped with 27.5in tires that make the bike easier to handle while also giving you the ability to take on tough trails without a sweat. With full suspension, this bike is ready for big drops and larger features.

The bike comes with a 21-speed gear set that is very responsive and accurate, allowing you to make adjustments to your speed on the fly without compromising performance or agility. This bike is made from a very durable frame and requires assembly on delivery, which is not a big deal since it’s fairly easy to put together. It features an ergonomic design and is optimized for performance. Pros: 21-speed gear shifter, thick tires, and ergonomic design. Cons: stiff suspension.  

Outroad Mountain Bike

The Outroad Mountain Bike is an impressive bike at a beginner bike price. The tires make the bike easier to handle while also giving you the ability to take on tough trails without a sweat!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

#2 26 Inch Steel Carbon Mountain Trail Bike

The Inch Steel Carbon Mountain Trail Bike is packing a 21-speed indexed derailleur that provides smooth shifting and transition, for sustained ride performance. This bike features a hardtail frame that is crafted from no-rust aluminum, which is very durable and long-lasting.

One of the great things about the material used to make the frame on this bike is that it’s lighter than steel, making it easier for you to reach higher speeds without sacrificing too much support and durability. Pros: full suspension system, hardtail frame, and durable design. Cons: rugged usability. 

Upon delivery, you must assemble this item, and it allows you to adjust your ride height so that you always maintain optimal posture while riding.

26 Inch Steel Carbon Mountain Trail Bike

The Inch Steel Carbon Mountain Trail Bike is packing a 21-speed indexed derailleur that provides smooth shifting and transition, for sustained ride performance.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

#3 Hiland 26 Inch Mountain Bike

The Hiland 26 Inch Mountain Bike is made from a high-quality steel frame that comes backed by a lifetime warranty, which means that you’ll always be covered in the event of any accidents while riding this bike. You’ll also enjoy the fact that it comes outfitted with Shimano 21-speed components and a finger-type shifter, making it easy for you to change speed on the fly when faced with variables along your path. It comes outfitted with 26” 2.125in wide tires which allow you to take on rough dirt trails and other terrains without having to worry about the bike breaking down.

This bike uses a 15” frame that makes it perfect for those individuals who are of medium to tall. Pros: 15” heavy-duty frame, 21-speed gear shifter, and thick tires. Cons: heavy and bulky build. The pre-installed suspension fork on this bike provides a smooth and consistent ride, and it even comes with a kickstand.

#4 Mongoose Switchback Adult Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Switchback Adult Mountain Bike is made from a Tectonic T1 aluminum frame that is lightweight yet durable and resilient. This bike is also equipped with 27.5in tires that deliver a solid and smooth ride on most terrain. You’ll find that the disc brakes on this bike provide very accurate and powerful stopping power so that you can stay safe on the trail. Pros: high-traction tires, streamlined design, and lightweight frame. Cons: rigged design elements and lack of customization options. 

It has internal cable routing that makes your lines clean while also providing enhanced protection. This bike is packing a Mongoose MTB saddle that is very comfortable so you can ride for long periods of time without chafing or becoming too sore.


Q: Is Trek 820 a good starter bike?

A: The Trek 820 is an affordable entry-level mountain bike that is packed with tons of great features. For its price, the 820 is an outstanding option for anyone looking for a power-packed bike to learn the art of mountain biking.

Q: How much does a Trek 820 weigh?

A: The Trek 820 weighs about 33.39lbs, and it has a maximum weight capacity of about 300lbs overall.

Q: What size is a Trek 820?

A: The Trek 820 comes in 5 different sizes, which are XS, S, M, L, and XL, all of these variations range in size from 13in all the way up to 20in. This gives you the ability to find a bike that meets your exact specifications regardless of how large or small you may be. 

Honest Opinion 

After taking a comprehensive look at all of the features, specifications, and capabilities of the Trek 820, I would confidently say that this bike is well worth the money. The fact that it’s outfitted with some pretty nice quality Shimano parts at under $500 makes it a steal on paper; however, when you factor in the real-world performance stats that this bad boy can bring in, you’ll realize it’s more than just design specs.

If you’re looking for a reliable, high-quality, and affordable entry-level mountain bike to hone in your skills on, the Trek 820 is a great option. 


Now that you know about all of the core specifications, features, and critical information about the Trek 820, you will be able to make an educated purchase decision. Before deciding on which mountain bike is right for you, consider what your personal preferences are and any specific features you’re looking for, by doing so you’ll be able to find the exact mountain bike that fits your needs. Happy riding! 

Ben Holt

Ben Holt is no stranger to outdoor adventures and has traveled the world searching for his next high. He loves going off the beaten path, testing new mountain bikes and cycling gear along the way.

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