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fox vs rockshox

Fox vs Rockshox Fork: Full Brand Comparison [2022]

You may be wondering the difference between Fox and RockShox forks. The answer is not straight forward even for mountain bike enthusiasts.

The majority of mountain bikes sold today come equipped with one of the shocks or forks from these two brands. Some riders are loyal to one brand due to their experience. Others have specific aesthetic, performance, or feel preferences. For picky riders, the fork brand is a major factor in their buying decision.

So how do you understand the difference between the two? To make things simple we have focused on the most common forks produced by Fox and RockShox. Let’s start with a little history of each brand.

Main Differences Between Fox vs Rockshox Fork

The main differences between Fox vs Rockshox Fork are:

  • Fox offers forks that are a bit pricier, whereas RockShox forks are affordable.
  • Fox forks are a challenge to set up especially for newbies, whereas setting up RockShox are easy to do.
  • Fox for

Giant Stance 2 Review: Do I Recommend?

Giant Stance 2 Review

The Giant Stance 2 is a well-designed mountain bike that performs exceptionally in a multitude of terrains and conditions thanks to its intuitive build and full suspension system. When looking at Stance 2, several unique elements combine to create the fluid action and movement delivered in this mountain bike. I noticed when taking this bike out for a spin that it feels very stable and grounded even when going over gnarly features. 

The Stance 2 is considered an entry-level full-suspension mountain bike. It has a modernized design that makes it a very versatile option for anyone trying to take on steep bombs and rough terrain with ease. One of the best features of Stance 2 is that it is affordable, so virtually anyone ca

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