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Shimano RP9 Review [2020] | Worth the Price?

Getting into cycling, whether it’s for road or mountain biking or a combination of both, requires essential equipment–but while bikes are often carefully selected, what’s more often overlooked by amateurs is a pair of proper cycling shoes. Even when you’re biking on fairly smooth terrain, a road cycling shoe like Shimano RP9 can make a […]

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Santa Cruz 5010 vs  Santa Cruz Bronson Compared

Main Differences Between Santa Cruz 5010 vs Bronson: The main differences between Santa Cruz 5010 vs Bronson are: Santa Cruz 5010 has VPP suspension, whereas Bronson has full suspension. Santa Cruz 5010 is lightweight and makes quick turns, whereas Bronson is a bit heavier and better riding over obstacles. Bronson uses heavy-duty Rockshox absorption, whereas […]

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