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Erin Jamieson has always loved staying active. While she fondly remembers biking with her family growing up, she came to truly appreciate it unconventionally. A former varsity cross country runner, an injury sidelined her and she started cross-training. Through this, she grew to love biking in many forms. Now, she loves how biking can take you to explore new places and see your world differently. Why are you giving advice on MTBInsider? I know how much getting out on a trail can mean. It's a way to reimagine the world in difficult times. For some, it's the exhilaration of a challenge uphill or downhill. For others, it's finding something and somewhere new. There's no feeling quite like it, and I want to share my insights so everyone can enjoy biking to the fullest. What's your must-have gear for a long ride? For a long ride, a water bottle or insulated flask is a must. I know how important it is to fuel properly too. A snack with a mix of carbohydrates and protein is a good idea. RX bars are one of my favorites. They're made out of dates, nuts, and egg whites-- and that's about it. Of course, dressing for the weather is important too. A light waterproof jacket is perfect for cool, windy, and wet days. What bike brand do you admire most? There are so many great bike brands, but Santa Cruz is one of my favorites. Their bikes are beautifully constructed and their quality is pretty consistent across their line. What trend do you hope to see/ continue in Mountain Biking? One trend I want to see more is a bit broad and perhaps lofty. I want to continue to see mountain biking reach more people. That would also mean more diversity, in all ways. I'd love to see more programs providing bikes to people who can't afford them. Of course, promoting more bike trails and bike-sharing programs would be great, too.

Shimano Altus vs Acera Groupset: Which is Right For You?

Mountain biking has come a long way.

As mountain biking increases in popularity, and as models introduce new features for great riding control, from everything from trail riding to XC bikes and adventurous downhill bikes, it’s clear innovation is always driving both the industry and bikers further.

And now, with rumors of a wireless groupset in the works, mountain bikes may never quite be the same–and may very well be on the edge of one of the biggest evolutions yet.

Shimano is leading the way, and it’s safe to assume that competitors like Acera may follow suit in years to come. An article published by Cycling Weekly revealed that Shimano filed an application for the Federal Communications Commission for some exciting up

Shimano Altus vs Acera Groupset: Which is Right For You? Read More »

Maxxis Aggressor review

Maxxis Aggressor Review: Is It Worth Buying in 2021?

One exciting thing about mountain biking and the mountain biking community? There’s always innovation, and that’s true for the predicted mountain bike trends of 2021.

The top 5 mountain biking trends for 2021 range from all varieties of mountain biking. XC bikes are speculated to get a push, as they are upgraded with features meant to enhance trail riding, as well as signature fork geometry to push up higher inclines. Meanwhile, electric bikes are expected to make a splash in the mountain biking world, with brands like Santa Cruz leading the way with innovative bikes and stunning updates.

But one of the most interesting, and perhaps mainstream trends, has all to do with endu

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CO OP DRT 2.2 Review

CO OP DRT 2.2 Review: Is This MTB Worth Buying?

All mountain bike enthusiasts want, in a sense, to see passion reflected in what they purchase, from the best biking gear to must-have components.

But something that immediately caught my attention was the unique way that passion is reflected in trail bikes like CO OP DRT 2.2.

The CO OP DRT 2.2 comes from a respected outdoors equipment company, REI. Known for its mountain biking products but also camping and hiking gear, chances are you’ve at least come across the name if you’re in search of a new bike, or even just the best mountain biking shoes to help you take on more trails.

What you may have missed is the full name: REI CO OP. REI is, in fact, a Co-op, with over 70 percent of its products given back to the community. Combining quality engineering, passion, and quality construction, the company stands out.

For models like the DRT 2.0 and the newer DRT models, t

CO OP DRT 2.2 Review: Is This MTB Worth Buying? Read More »

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