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Alchemy Arktos 29 Review: Is It Right For You?

Riding through rocky patches of bike trails can be rough if you don’t have a bike that absorbs shocks efficiently. In this Alchemy Arktos 29 review, we’re going to examine the features of this all-trail bike and try to determine how it performs while climbing or going downhill.

This Alchemy’s model has some of the properties commonly associated with hard-trail bikes because it is compatible with both 27-inch and 29-inch tires. Consequently, it adjusts well to different types of terrains and enables you to ride safely through the bumpy parts of a trail.

Our Alchemy Arktos 29 review will walk you through the bike’s most important features and supply you with the information you need to decide if this brand’s model is the right choice for you.

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Key specification of the Alchemy Arktos 29 mountain bike

The specifications in this table are for the Alchemy Arktos 29 GX Eagle 12 Speed model. The features of the XT 12 Speed and X01 Eagle 12 Speed versions of this mountain bike differ from the GX Eagle 12 Speed model.

Frame Alchemy Arktos carbon fiber
Fork Fox 34 29 Factory Kashima 150mm Boost 15 Grip 2
Brakes SRAM G2
Saddle Selle Italia X-Base FeC Alloy
Chain SRAM GX Eagle 12 Speed
Tires Maxxis Minion DHF and DHR 29×2.3-inch
Available sizes M, L, XL
Latest price Check latest price here

Core features of the Alchemy Arktos 29 mountain bike


Alchemy Arktos 29 mountain bike

Alchemy’s Arktos 29 model hit the market just a few months ago and it is already attracting a significant amount of attention from professional cyclists. The manufacturer released several versions of these bikes that have different travel capacities.

Hence, you can opt for a trail version of this bike that has 130mm travel capacity or an enduro option with whooping 170mm front and 150mm rear travel. In either case, these bikes utilize the Alchemy’s Sine rear suspension system that eliminates wallowing after wheels encounter a strong impact.

The manufacturer offers several different builds of its Arktos 29 model, and you can choose between GX Eagle 12 Speed, XT 12 Speed and X01 Eagle 12 speed builds. Besides the chain, these builds also utilize different shifters, cassettes, brakes, bottom brackets, and rear derailleurs.

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Regardless of the build, the Alchemy Arktos 29 bikes are available in M, L, and XL sizes, which enables you to pick the version that best fits your height. The length of the frame’s stack depends on the size option you choose, and it varies from 605mm for the M size and 621.5mm for the XL size.

Also, the front-to-center distance depends on the size of the Alchemy Arktos 29 you pick, but even the medium size offers enough front-to-center distance to reduce the chances of the bike pitching forward while hard braking or hitting a road bump to the minimum.

The head tube angle is set at 66-degrees regardless of the size you pick, while the seat tube angle is at 78-degrees. The length of the seat tube varies between 410mm and 490mm, and the length of the wheelbase ranges from 1206 to 1271.5.

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All variations of the Alchemy Arktos 29 mountain bike utilize the same carbon fiber frame developed by the brand. This frame is lightweight and yet rigid enough to withstand the challenging conditions on different trails.

All versions of the Arktos 29 frame come with built-in Fox DPX Factory Kashima EVOL LV 3-position adjust 210×50 shocks and the Fox 34 Factory Kashima 150mm Boost 15mm Grip 2 fork. However, you can replace the bike’s fork with a 170mm model if you want to increase its travel capacity.

Arktos 29 frames are available in a wide spectrum of colors and if you don’t like any of the available options you can use Alchemy’s in-house painting services to get the finish you want. This extra service can cost you $425 for the frame and fork or $350 for the frame.

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Drivetrain and components

Alchemy Arktos 29 mountain bike 1

As we already noted, the Arktos 29 model is available in three different configurations. So, its performance capabilities largely depend on the build you select. In addition, the manufacturer lets you choose between 130F x 120R, 150F x 135R and 170F x 150F travel options.

The specifications of the GX Eagle 12 speed, XT 12 Speed, and X01 Eagle 12 speed configurations share some common features, so you will get a Selle Italia X-Base FeC Alloy saddle or the Cane Creek 40-serries IS42 short cover headset top regardless of the configuration you choose.

On the other hand, components such as the handlebar, chain, cassette, shifters, or cranks depend on the build.

So, if you opt for the configuration that comes with the SRAM GX Eagle 12 SPD chain, you’ll also get the SRAM GX 1275 Eagle 10-52T cassette, SRAM GX Eagle 12 SPD rear derailleur, and the SRAM G2 brakes with SRAM 180mm rear and 200mm front 6 bolt rotors.

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Wheels and tires

The wheels and tires are the same on all configurations of the Alchemy Arktos 29 mountain bikes. The manufacturer equips this model with the Industry Nine 29 Enduro S Hydra 30.5mm front wheels and the Industry Nine 29 Enduro S Hydra 30.5 mm rear wheels.

The Alchemy Arktos 29 ships with the Maxxis Minion DHF and DHR 29 x 2.3 tires, but you can choose the configuration that includes 27.5 tires. In case you want to replace the bike’s tires you should keep in mind that the manufacturer doesn’t recommend using tires wider than 2.5 inches.

You can choose between the builds that include SRAM Code R, Shimano XT M8120 Hydraulic 4 Pot, and SRAM G2 brakes, and SRAM or Shimano 6 bolt rotors. Each of these specifications indicates that the Alchemy Arktos 29 is capable of remarkable performances during both uphill and downhill rides.

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Customization options

Alchemy offers three different builds and sizes of the Arktos 29 model which enables you to select the option that best matches your expectations.

You can also get in touch with Alchemy’s representatives if you want your bike to have a customized finish, but keep in mind that the company doesn’t send touch-up paint.

Replacing the bike’s fork or wheel are also options you’ll have at your disposal, but purchasing the Arktos 29 frame directly from the manufacturer isn’t possible. So, you must search for independent retailers that offer just the bike’s frame if you want to design the entire configuration.

All versions of this mountain bike come with water bottle cage mounts that are compatible with standard bottle cages. Our Fox vs Rockshox fork brand comparison can help you decide if you should replace the Arktos 29’s Fox fork with a model produced by Rockshox.

Comfort level

Mountain Bike

The Sine suspension system is a big part of the reason why this bike feels so comfortable even on rough terrains. This dual-link top-notch suspension system features a lower link that rotates inside the frame allowing for the creation of the sine-like kinematics that keeps the cyclist comfortable even during strong impacts.

As the result, the Alchemy Arktos 29 the suspension system remains active during the braking process and it boosts the pedaling efficiency. The manufacturer optimizes this system at 30% sag, but you can adjust this feature to your needs.

The bike’s saddle, grips, and seat post contribute to its comfort level by dampening vibrations and keeping the cyclist comfortable. You can use this bike to ride short and challenging trails or enjoy a casual long ride with the same level of comfort.

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Price and warranty

Alchemy Arktos 29 is not an inexpensive mountain bike since the least expensive version of the bike costs more than $5.000. The brand doesn’t offer discounts for this model often, although financing options are available through a third-party partner.

The terms and conditions are determined by the partner organization, so you must check the details of the agreement before deciding to agree to this financing option. Alchemy issues a lifetime warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee for all its models including the Arktos 29.

The warranty covers the defects of the frame, but it might not include all of the bike’s components. That’s why it is advisable to go through all details of the warranty before you decide to buy this bike.

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The pros of the Alchemy Arktos 29 mountain bike

Excellent suspension system

The Sine suspension system absorbs strong shocks and allows the cyclist to maintain control of the bike while speeding downhill or during an uphill cycling effort. The manufacturer optimizes this model for a 30% sag, but you adjust this feature to your needs.

Compatible with most mountain bike tire sizes

Although the Arktos 29 comes with 29 x 2.3-inch tires, you can opt to install 27-inch tires or upgrade to wider 29 x 2.5-inch tires. The bike’s compatibility with different types of tires enables you to prepare better for the conditions you’ll encounter at a particular trail.

High-end components

The SRAM GX Eagle 12 speed chain, SRAM G2 brakes, or Fox DPX2 are some of the features an Arktos 29 bike has to offer. Each component contributes to the bike’s overall performance and improves the safety of the cyclist.

Lightweight and rigid frame

Despite weighing less than 10lbs, the bike’s frame is rigid and sturdy. That makes it perfectly suited for challenging terrains, as strong impacts are not likely to affect it. Besides, all the wiring is located inside tubes so you don’t have to worry about damaging it while riding through a rocky part of a trail.

Lifetime warranty

You will get the lifetime warranty for the Arktos 29’s frame when you purchase the bike, and in case you damage it, you’ll be able to service it at Alchemy’s repair shop free of charge. Keep in mind that the warranty isn’t transferable and it applies to the original owner.

The cons of the Alchemy Arktos 29 mountain bike

More expensive than most enduro and all-trail MTBs

The bike’s price tag isn’t designed for everyone’s budget, so if you don’t consider yourself a professional cyclist who can benefit from the Arktos 29’s advanced features, you’re probably better off choosing a more affordable MTB model.

The best alternatives to the Alchemy Arktos 29 mountain bike

Finding a more versatile mountain bike than the Alchemy Arktos 20 can be a challenge, as it performs admirably on all types of bike trails. Although versatile, the bike doesn’t really stand out in any of the important categories, while its high price makes it unavailable to cyclists with limited budgets.

We’ve selected some of the best alternatives to the Alchemy Arktos 29 that offer excellent performance capabilities at relatively affordable prices. Go through our guide to finding the best mountain biking gear to find out which pieces of equipment you’re going to need on a trail.

Kona Process 153 DL 29


Kona Process 153 DL 29

The impressive set of features of the Kona Process 153 DL 29 mountain bike enables you to ride through all types of terrains with ease. The bike’s Kona 6061 Aluminum butted frame is designed to permit 153mm of travel.

The RockShox Super Deluxe Select Trunnion rear shock dampens the impact of the bumps wheels encountered on the trail. Kona’s mountain bike also supports 160mm and 153mm suspension, while its RockShox Lyric Select fork allows for 160mm of travel.

Although the Kona Process 152 DL 29 is considerably less expensive than the Alchemy Arktos 29, it still costs more than $3,000.

Calibre Sentry

Calibre Sentry

29-inch wheels and 150mm rear travel are some of the things Calibre Sentry and Alchemy Arktos 29 mountain bikes have in common. Calibre’s Sentry model utilizes the gravity-based geometry that enables the rider to rush downhill at a high speed while keeping complete control over the bike.

Sentry comes with a RockShox Yari RC fork that allows for 160mm of travel, as well as the custom tuned RockShox Deluxe R rear shock. The bike utilizes SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain, cassette, shifters, and rear derailleur.

The bike’s frame is available in four different sizes, but none of them is suitable for people who are taller than 6’5’’.

Santa Cruz Hightower


Santa Cruz Hightower

Santa Cruz brand manufactures some of the best mountain bikes on the market, and the Hightower model is certainly one of them. You can choose between aluminum and carbon frames that are both rigid and lightweight.

There are seven configurations to choose from, and the exact specifications of your bike depend on the configuration you choose. The least expensive version of the Santa Cruz Hightower bike features an aluminum frame and costs $3,299.

The most expensive and also the lightest version of this bike that is equipped with the carbon CC frame costs more than $11.000. Check out our Santa Cruz Tallboy review if you’re interested in mountain bikes produced by this brand.

Frequently asked questions about the Alchemy Arktos 29 mountain bike

Question: Does Alchemy ship the Arktos 29 bike internationally?

Answer: Yes, it does, but you will have to cover the shipping costs. Orders placed within the United States are delivered free of charge.

Question: Are Alchemy Arktos 29 bikes delivered assembled?

Answer: No, like most modern bikes, all Alchemy Arktos 29 bikes have to be assembled upon delivery. Assembling this bike is easy and the manufacturer provides detailed instruction to guide you through the process.

Question: Can Alchemy customize my Arktos 29 mountain bike?

Answer: The company provides customization services in its Colorado-based workshop, but these services might not be available if you live in another state.

Question: Is it possible to try out the Alchemy Arktos 29 bike before buying it?

Answer: No, but the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you want to return the Alchemy Arktos 29 bike you purchased.

Our Verdict: Is the Alchemy Arktos 29 worth the money?

Being prepared for all challenges you might face on a trail starts with choosing a bike that grants you the same level of comfort and control regardless of the road conditions. Besides an advanced suspension system, the mountain bike you choose should have impressive travel capacity and powerful brakes.

The Alchemy Arktos 29 bike is stacked with features designed to enable you to handle even the most challenging terrains with ease.

Each of the bike’s configurations is compatible with 29-inch tires and the Sine suspension system that help absorb and dampen the shocks the bike takes when you hit a root or a large rock. The advanced set of the bike’s features justifies every penny of its high price.

However, if this mountain full suspension bike doesn’t fit your budget you should consider models such as the Kona Process 153 DL 29 or the Calibre Sentry.

Was this Alchemy Arktos 29 review useful? Let us know in the comments or continue reading our guide to the best downhill mountain bikes to find a bike you can use to handle steep declines on a trail.

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